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K. A. Grey

@kayla13892  Hello, Kayla!  Welcome to Story Embers!  I’m K. A. Grey.  I joined Story Embers a few years back, but I took a big break from it for awhile, so I’m just now getting more involved again.

I think that’s great that you want to write wholesome romance and fantasy! I think we need more Christian writers who can write wholesome stories without compromising quality writing. So what are some of your favorite books or authors?  Do you have any hobbies?  Also, totally get your struggle about that pesky inner editor, haha.  Mine won’t let me write without wanting to fix something immediately, either.

By the way, I hope you won’t mind my saying this, but I’m actually writing a short story from the point of view of a character who is blind, but i want it to be an accurate portrayal.  Would you mind helping me with that?  Maybe answer a few questions or give critique?  Only if you want to though.


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