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Well your description of me is exactly how I pictured you XD Brown hair with bangs, probably Brown eyes, and small and petite.

LOL, if there is one thing I am not it is small and petite XD Everything there was wrong except brown eyes XD

Me: “does it mean I’m fat?”

Mom: “no it’s like big boned”

Stocky isn’t any kind of insult, it’s probably what I’d describe myself as.

The only thing you got wrong is my hair is wavy (but yes, it’s a dark brown) and I have really large green/blue eyes

Ha, I was close!

*National anthem begins playing*

*begins marching towards door with exit written above it*

*random person falls on ground and holds onto my leg* “PLEASE DONT GO  ”

“I have to…”

*turns to you three standing behind me*

“for them. I made a promise, and I keep my promises. It’s better this way. Goodbye random person, you were a good random person.”

*arrives at door*

*music stops*

*one last breath*

*turns door knob*

“Erynne, don’t!” Shouts-

*door closes for me to never be seen again*


Sometimes you can really tell that everyone on this site is a writer. The sheer amount of theatrics is impressive XD


That’s all I’ve got. I don’t really picture people as anything other than a normal looking person with their online personalities lighting up (or darkening I guess) their face.

Same. I just see vague spectres. And often I picture them looking like their profile pictures XD

Also, I’m impressed that you managed to navigate that absolute minefield of describing people without offending them XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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