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@noah-cochran and @rose-colored-fancy

So Noah was the closest.

  Okay, okay, I’ll do it. You have straight brown hair, a stockyish, tall build, and large hazel eyes.

The only thing you got wrong is my hair is wavy (but yes, it’s a dark brown) and I have really large green/blue eyes. This is the conversation I just had:

Me: “mom what does stocky mean?”

Mom: “stocky??”

Me: “yeah Noah says I’m stocky. Am I stocky?”

Mom: “yes.”

Me: “but what is it?”

Mom: “just yes, you are”

Me: “does it mean I’m fat?”

Mom: “no it’s like big boned”

Me: “so I’m fat?”

Mom: “No Erynne. Noah isn’t calling you fat”

Me: *mumbles* “he better not….”

I’m fairly confident you told me you were sixteen or seventeen somewhere. Maybe not, but Erynne just turned 15, and you’re obviously not younger than that.

So am I your favorite then? You can remember my age over hers so that makes me your favorite right?


Well… I guess this is it then… I said I would never speak to you again if you guessed how I looked, so I guess I’ll leave now. I gotta figure out how to delete my SE account then I’ll be gone. Goodbye Cathy. Goodbye Rose. Goodbye Noah. You were all very good friends and I’ll miss you all very much…

*National anthem begins playing*

*begins marching towards door with exit written above it*

*random person falls on ground and holds onto my leg* “PLEASE DONT GO 😭😭”

“I have to…”

*turns to you three standing behind me*

“for them. I made a promise, and I keep my promises. It’s better this way. Goodbye random person, you were a good random person.”

*arrives at door*

*music stops*

*one last breath*

*turns door knob*

“Erynne, don’t!” Shouts-

*door closes for me to never be seen again*


Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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