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True. But you don’t have to be treated like that, by yourself or anyone else.

I get told that a lot XD

Divergent is … interesting, indeed. Quite a bit of suggestive stuff, and gore, though.

How does the romance fit into the plot? Does it actually serve the plot or is it just there?

(I always struggle with that because I love romance and want it in my book whether it benefits the book or not lol)

Ahw, thank you! I’m glad I am. *hugs*

*hugs you back because you’re just so loveable*

I … I …

That’s beautiful.

*wipes away tear*

*does poor Elvis Presley impression* thank you, thank you very much

I’ve read it to my mom so many times… She just starts banging her head against the wall as soon as I say “by Erynne Erynne”

Ugh, yes. *mumbles something about what culture has turned into*

*mumbles with you* uh, yeah

I believe that was me. (:

Well then you have good taste 😉

Do you have a favorite by him?

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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