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I was gone for just a couple hours and this thread turned into chaos. XD Return to whence you came, glitter gremlins, and leave the boring historical nerds in peace! XD jk, I love having y’all here to spice things up XD

I guess you are kinda short and curvy with straight/wavy brownish blonde hair and dark eyes and you paint your nails and wear makeup (yes I looked at your boards before guessing )

Pff, I can’t say that matches up with how I picture you, Erynne XD

On the other thread I read you’re actually above average height but before that I did picture you as small and petite. Straight, medium length medium brown hair, maybe with bangs? Green or hazel eyes. Possibly freckles.

I’m absolutely basing this off that profile picture of your main character you had up for a while and I own up to it.

I think you’re a tall thin blonde with bright blue eyes and shoulder length curly hair that you always straighten. You also have glasses and think you’re too tall

I find that description hilarious since it was the absolute polar opposite of what I initially guessed XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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