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Laura K. Abeid


Ooo, you’re in the Jaron fanclub with my sister! XD I do like Jaron, but also Imogen and Tobias. Mott is pretty cool too!  Also, Happy (early) Birthday! I hope you enjoy the fifth book.

I am!
Well actually … all the characters are my favourite.
And yes, even Bevin Conner. 😁

Let’s see. My younger sister is about four and a half years younger than me; and the youngest sister is roughly ten years younger than me.

Wow, that’s close to my siblings’ age distances!

Ah Ruan! Sounds like Jaron’s long lost twin XD Gotta love the snark!

I, uhm, well … *twists tips of fingers against each other* I used Jaron’s personality as a foundation for building Rúan’s character.

So The Girl Who Drank the Moon is similar in genre to your story; it’s fantasy with dystopian elements in it (think… Narnia with a dystopian leadership? Something like that.) And the Giver is dystopian as well, though the other books have a taste of fantasy in them as well. The first book was really good.

Ooooo cool! I’ll check them out. (:

Cool, you enjoy drawing and art? (unfortunately, I’m a terrible artist XD)

I do enjoy art and drawing!
Ah, we all have different talents. I, for one, cannot dance for the life of me. XD


You’re really sweet 🤗

Thank you! So are you. 🤗

Oh we can be mean, believe me. It’s just much more fun being nice cuz then it’s easier to tease people and have pointless rambles, a lot like this one, without making them hate you

Ah … I see. 😆

*achem* true, I am, but technically I am made of dirt.

True. But you don’t have to be treated like that, by yourself or anyone else. 😊

I’ll have to avoid making THG references around you then XD that’s one of my favorite series. Divergent is on my list to read next, it sounds really interesting! I also like The Maze Runner. Have you read it?

We all have different tastes. ☺️
Thank you, though.

Divergent is … interesting, indeed. Quite a bit of suggestive stuff, and gore, though.

You are very inspiring, Laura 🙂

Ahw, thank you! I’m glad I am. *hugs*

However you’re also a much better poet out of the two of us.

Mmm, I don’t know …

Here’s my poem about the smell of crayons that I’m making up on the spot:

The Smell Of Crayons –

An authentic poem by Erynne Erynne


Oh crayon, how beautiful your colors are

Toddlers and bored teens use you for art,

Except the white and that yellow green color that never works

Oh crayon, my friend, the best part of you is the smell, it’s one of your odd quirks

The smell of a crayon is a smell you can smell with your nose 

Oh crayon, you smell like wax and paper because that’s what you are from your head to your toes

Inside and out, my friend crayon, wax and paper is all 

Yet we still enjoy you, to color a basketball

I … I …

That’s beautiful.

*wipes away tear*

I did! Now I know there are other people with similar taste!
Yes, of course. I don’t hate rap to the extremes, but it’s usually not very clean and often times very annoying.

Ugh, yes. *mumbles something about what culture has turned into*

Although, someone mentioned Will Smith and I don’t remember who, but I want to be friends with you whoever you are

I believe that was me. (:


I just completely forgot to reply, shame on me!

You did … but did you see how long I forgot about this post? If anyone is taking shame, it’s me. 😆😅

I love that one! Amen is one of my other favorites, but I love everything from Burn the Ships, and Relate, Kingdom Come, and God is With Us are pretty amazing too!

Mmm those sound cool.

Most of his songs just sound so soft and warm 🙂 (I don’t know how else to describe it but you get me XD)

Ahhhahh yess I totally get it … *sways in time to “If My Heart was a House”*

It’s definitely one of the goriest books I’ve ever read (and the latter books don’t get better).

I know … after I read the second book, I started having nightmares and pains/cramps in the places where the characters got hurt.

My mum wisely advised me against reading the third …

I’d say the other one is Where the Red Fern Grows, which is weird since it was supposed to be a fun little dog story but it was really graphically violent. I didn’t like that at all.

What?! I’ve heard so many great things about that book! Good to know …

Absolutely, it made me really uncomfortable, I had no idea why she decided to add that. Like… how does this serve the plot??



I don’t understand why she had to throw that in there!!

Also, you didn’t miss anything. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the second book. It just didn’t register XD

Good to know. I was actually told by a friend how the last book ends, and I was so glad I didn’t read it.

Same! Often I find it more disgusting than cute. If the author just keeps it short and sweet I can live with it but some of them just stretch it out for pages and *gagging*

Oof … yes …

Same! I have a slow-burn friends-to-lovers that stretches over three books and I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it? I don’t like reading romance generally but somehow when it’s my own characters it just makes me really happy.

Ahww that’s awesome!! I love that kind of romance. It’s much more familiar.
My romance arc is two people in an arranged marriage who dislike that idea along with each other, then it slowly turns to relying on each other more in battle and in different situations, and then they realize just how much they like each other and need each other.

I’m sure it’s been done before, and it looks kind of cheesy now that I’ve written it out … 😅

Yours is much better though.

Admittedly, the stage they’re now in isn’t kissing, it’s more just… poorly hidden feelings on both sides XD They’re both oblivious and useless at this, it’s adorable to read.

Ahwwww even better!! 😍

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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