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Listen here young ladies, you two have hijacked this thread like two street urchins, when you should be acting like proper young women. To make things worse, my tailored suit has glitter on it. Cathy, as the elder, I hold you responsible for this breach in propriety, now bow your head in remorse,  and clean up this glitter.

*blows razzberry and hurls another handful of glitter out of my pockets to cleanse you of your buzzkilling mien!*

Total street urchin, did you expect otherwise?

Wow. I wonder if Noah and Rose also think I’m short and fat smh I will tell you how I look through Pinterest cause I want the other two to guess I think you’re a tall thin blonde with bright blue eyes and shoulder length curly hair that you always straighten. You also have glasses and think you’re too tall I am probably totally wrong since I don’t know your name. You were probably like “Erynne is totally a short and fat name” but I can’t be all like “Cathy is a cute blonde name” yet Im doing it anyways

EXCUSE ME, WHERE DID YOU GET FAT OUT OF SMOL AND CURVY!?!?!!!!!!! Fyi, I’m smol and curvy too, if you’re going to insult yourself you’re stuck insulting me to and I’m sure we both know how that ends!!!!!

Oh, good idea with Pinterest, Rose already knows what I look like but I wanna hear Noah guess now 😜😈

(knew I wasn’t the only one who thought Cathy was a blonde name, although I picked it as short for “Chatty Cathy” and it’s white but the a is twinkly red)


Wait a sec, why do you assume I’m the elder, Noah? *insert mischievous grin of malicious glee that has no appropriate emoji to contain it*

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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