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CATHY THIS IS WHY WE DON’T STALK!!!!! I wasn’t counting on anyone else reading it so I didn’t bother adding spoiler warnings!


It’s too in character to make up XD

Lol, Erynne made it up.

Thank you!!!! Y’all are the best 🥰🥰

Lol, I know 😉 *must also thank Noah for giving you the inspiration but I won’t tell him that*

Shhh you didn’t but you would so I spoke for you. It was a secret mission that I made up on the spot  so I couldn’t actually tell you about it. You are one of my minions so you just know what to do I don’t have to tell you

I thought you were my minion! 😕

I want you to try and guess what I look like too. I’m really curious to see how y’all imagine me. Also I’ve thought about asking my mom if we could email pictures to each other. Then we can see how correct we are on our guesses lol Would you be interested?

I’m not allowed to send those pics. But I’d LOVE to see your pics if it’s alright with your mom. I guess you are kinda short and curvy with straight/wavy brownish blonde hair and dark eyes and you paint your nails and wear makeup (yes I looked at your boards before guessing😉)

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