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Well drat the luck. I mentally tossed a coin between you having blonde or light brown hair. I almost    went with blonde, but the dratted coin landed on hazel. My apologies for grievously mistaking your hair color.

LOL, the lighting makes it look lighter than it is, it’s actually pretty close to brown. You were close XD

If I drew a self-portrait…you know what, we won’t talk about how that would turn out.

LOL, that thought makes me laugh XD I bet it’d be brilliant XD

Not exactly. They’re more of a free-floater who believe in God, but they are sick of institutions, customs, and life in general (for reasons, this could change though, this is just my current thoughts on the character).

Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought. You do have to take their enviornment into consideration. I’m assuming they were raised Jewish, and at that time Jewish customs were enforced as law, since they essentially were law.

Besides that, because of the persecution, they would probably grow up seeing the Jewish community as a safer place than the outside world. Something big would have to happen to make that just as distasteful as the outside world.

If they were raised that way, they would probably see the customs as second nature, not as a burden, unless something big happened or he had a serious spell of doubting. And in the latter case, it wouldn’t be enough to completely cast them out of the community, as far as I understand.

Just my thoughts on how that might work, I’m curious to see how you’re going to execute that character! It sounds really interesting!

It’s just hard to flesh out your side characters when the book is stand alone and already has three main characters. xD Writing a trilogy with one main character gives one slightly more breathing room I would think, that’s my excuse anyway.   I’ll try to flesh her thoughts and feelings out some though.

Absolutely, it’s a big undertaking and it’s hard! But you’re doing great so far, especially for a first attempt. It’s lightyears ahead of my first draft of my first book.

You don’t even have to write all of it down about Delphine, you just have to know it for yourself. It probably won’t amount to more than a few paragraphs total in the final text.

You need to figure out her internal motivation for why she’s helping Tristan (besides that she likes him because that’s not a great excuse) and how her brother’s death changed things for her. If you give that event big consequences it’ll be more important. You have potential for interesting conflict there,

You mentioned that Robert was her father’s favorite and that he never got over his death. In what way? Did he kind of neglect Delphine and leave her to her own devices? Did he get overprotective of her?

Did Delphine try to earn his favor, did she cast it aside as useless and go on with her own thing? If the former, how?

That’s just a couple questions to get you started. You need to get an idea for yourself more than actually adding more material about her in the book.

She doesn’t need a full character arc or even a Lie (though that’s a good idea) she just needs some motivation for why she is like she is. That will go a really long way and use that potential.

That’s good to hear, because I was really quite uncertain about how much to do, and was leaning in that direction.

If you plan it out too rigidly it will inevitably become a mess when your characters grow and change and throw the outline into chaos but if you don’t plan enough you write yourself into a corner.

Either way, it’s always a problem you can fix, it isn’t very particular.

Hey, I can treat you like a erudite woman of knowledge and wisdom if I want.

Theoretically but I know like three things so you’re bound to be disappointed XD

I believe the Torah is the first five books of the old testament not the entire old testament, right?

… guess who mixed up the Torah and the Tanakh? XD The Torah is the first five books, the Tanakh is the old testament. You can tell I don’t use this terminology every day. XD

Hmm…are you sure? From what I could find, Jews mostly assimilated into their surroundings, wearing and dressing like the people around them. I know rabbis restricted some things some places, but other than that…I don’t know, I’ll look into it more.

It depends on time period, from my very brief research it seems like you’re right, but there were some rabbis in Germany in the Medieval period that were opposed, though it wasn’t enforced and wasn’t anywhere near common. It seems like the majority dressed the same. It was just something I remembered.

*quickly stops browsing medieval halloween costumes*

Of course not. No one would be that daft.

Just had to make sure 😉

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