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Noah Cochran


Aww, thank you! I’m really proud of it! I haven’t drawn a self-portrait since… elementary school and this is the first one I’m actually happy with.

Well drat the luck. I mentally tossed a coin between you having blonde or light brown hair. I almost    went with blonde, but the dratted coin landed on hazel. My apologies for grievously mistaking your hair color.

If I drew a self-portrait…you know what, we won’t talk about how that would turn out.

So, in this case it might be a conversation between Maven and Tristan

Basically, you need a moment where they work it out, they can’t just ignore what happened.

Will do.

Man, that’s so cool! Did the MC convert? If they did, that’s a really, really interesting situation since that would be losing a huge part of their identity and probably some family members.

Not exactly. They’re more of a free-floater who believe in God, but they are sick of institutions, customs, and life in general (for reasons, this could change though, this is just my current thoughts on the character).

 You could however work on making Delphine stand on her own more. You may need to add more internal motivation for her to be there.

So, between this and you mentioning me needing to give her a connection with her brother and feelings about that, I need to say something. I will try to do this somewhat, but trying to balance three MC’s with a lot of PoV time in a stand alone novel is already a large undertaking. So giving her too much might take away from the others and make the book feel bloated, but I do see your point. As far as her having a relationship with her brother Robert, I would like to point out that in a lot of noble family units sibling were far from on close terms. That is generalization of course, but a young Delphine may have had very little interaction with her brother. Either way could work, but I wouldn’t say that it’s unnatural for her not to have strong feelings for him or be close to him.

It’s just hard to flesh out your side characters when the book is stand alone and already has three main characters. xD Writing a trilogy with one main character gives one slightly more breathing room I would think, that’s my excuse anyway. 🙂 I’ll try to flesh her thoughts and feelings out some though.

I want to warn you about this, first of all. If you try to stretch a normal arc over many books, it’s going to feel stuck.

Yeah, I totally agree. Thankfully, that’s not really what I meant, but thanks for pointing it out. It would be way to hard to go into everything that I’m planning, so suffice it to say that the central character in book one has a full arc in said book.

So short answer, you don’t need to know much. You need the big climax, the beginning, and what pushes them from each book into the next, and possibly what smaller goal they accomplish in each one. The rest is best left kind of free and open.

That’s good to hear, because I was really quite uncertain about how much to do, and was leaning in that direction.

 without actively sitting down and brainstorming, which I deeply detest since it’s frustrating and unproductive.

I agree, but it’s often necessary if you want to speed the process up. I am able to have the main picture form in my head (like you mentioned for your third book), but the idea’s I come up with are why too complicated and nuanced for me to brainstorm the whole thing in my head in a passive way. It’s great that you were able to do that for book three though. Hopefully something like that will happen to me for the books after book one.

To start with, I know less than you think, and that goes for everything

Hey, I can treat you like a erudite woman of knowledge and wisdom if I want. 🙃

Thanks for all the info on Jews, I appreciate it.

Torah is the actual old Testament

I believe the Torah is the first five books of the old testament not the entire old testament, right?

I have a dim recollection that Jews didn’t wear bright colors because of the mourning of Jerusalem

Hmm…are you sure? From what I could find, Jews mostly assimilated into their surroundings, wearing and dressing like the people around them. I know rabbis restricted some things some places, but other than that…I don’t know, I’ll look into it more.

Don’t trust Halloween costumes or anything on Amazon or just modern images.

*quickly stops browsing medieval halloween costumes*

Of course not. No one would be that daft.


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