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Haha, no problem! XD

Personally, I add a few side characters in each book, purely because they’re needed and settings switch around. I also tend to swap around main character perspectives, just considering which are needed in the book. Book 2 and 3 have dual perspectives, with one main character besides the protagonist narrating. It depends on the plot, mainly, though sometimes side characters just outgrew their roles and became main characters.

Ooh, yeah, I get that. Paul’s oldest nephew, Reuben, was actually meant to be just a side character originally, but he outgrew his role SO much. Now his storyline is easily competing for the most intense, which I NEVER saw coming. Honestly, it was kind of the same for both nephews. Seth was meant to be a side character originally too, but now he’s one of the main characters, the third book is named after him, he has a POV in the third book, and tbh he’s my favorite character. I just love him XD I’m looking forward to writing his book, Seth: Anointed, the most.

YAY!! That’s fantastic! I know it’ll be fantastic!

Thank you!! My study guides actually just arrived, so I’m super excited to dive in.

I hope to start my third book in the beginning of January, probably!

Awesome!! Should we make a New Year’s resolution to write every day? 😉

Tbh I don’t know if I could hold up my end of that resolution. XD I’m always so insanely busy and the days disappear before I know it, haha. But maybe I could try, and take a few days off in January when I go up to my academy’s junior-senior Bible camp and don’t have any Internet. XD

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