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I’m trying to develop my villain but I want that “love to hate” relationship between my reader and villain. So to help me out can you tell me who some of your favorite villains are and why you love to hate them? (Or just love them. Or just hate them.  )

In all honesty I can’t think of a hard and fast example but I do know what my favorite villains have in common. They’re having fun. Or at least, they’re confident and acting in their comfort zone.

I adore the classic “Mwahaha!! *cue nefarious laughter and cloak swishing*” kind of villain. Villains that are confident and if they’re not actively enjoying themselves they’re at least satisfied with what they’re doing.

It’s also kind of horrifiying that they’re enjoying their villainy. Just, villains that completely give themselves to it. They can have gray morality and doubt stuff but I need to see the villain completely indulge in villainy with extreme competence every now and then. Heals the soul.

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