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Basta and Capricorn from Inkheart, they were just set up so well and had such vivid imagery associated with them I loved it!!!

Locker, Opener (ok Opener’s actually the MC, but he’s just as morally questionable…no wait the other two are complete loons he’s just the average morally questionable dark hero and I adore stats girl!) and Propeller from this webtoon called Locker and Opener, I can’t explain any more but you must read it to see!!!!

Am I the only one who’s just like a sucker for “the villain might have caught feeling for the hero in this really twisted, creepy but enthralling way where you just don’t quite know whether he genuinely cares or not well into the story”? I like that dynamic. But not an actual ship, not usually!!! Just a creepy/intriguing dynamic like some of the grittier Batman and Joker dynamics (depending on which version I don’t really follow Batman but my sister does and I watched the live action once and like. All the villains. Love to hate.)

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