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Now that is something I would like to hear more about. How much do you know about their cultures and differences? I would love to hear everything you know.

To start with, I know less than you think, and that goes for everything XD

But, there are a few things I stumbled on during research and/or know by association.

First thing, language. This is actually facinating, to me at least, since I think languages are really cool.

Jews all over in that period usually knew some Hebrew. The Torah, Talmud, and Mishna were all written in Hebrew and were mainly read in that language.

(Torah is the actual old Testament, Talmud is commentary on the Torah, and Mishna is commentary on the Talmud and the oral law. However, they see all three as equally binding.)

Besides that, interesting sub-languages started to take form. The first one I think of is Ladino, which is a mixture of Spanish and Hebrew that was spoken by Sephardic Jews.

That’s also where Yiddish comes from, mainly based of High-German. Yiddish developed from the 9th century and Ladino from the Spanish inquisition.

The cultural differences aren’t huge, but they would be noticeable.

Here are two articles that may help you along:

(In next posts)

Oh, something else to research is what colors would have been worn. I have a dim recollection that Jews didn’t wear bright colors because of the mourning of Jerusalem. (same reason Ultra-Orthodox Jews wear black and white) I think you’ll be able to find something along those lines.

 had literally put down on my revising document during my first revision to add some dialogue between Joelle and Delphine, and I had even put down to probably have in, guess what, chapter 36. xD

Great minds think alike XD

One more question for ya (I apologize for the amount of time I’m stealing from you). What did medieval hats look like (for both men and women)? What about 12th century helmets for both wealthier knights, and lower down men-at-arms?

Don’t worry!

I actually have no idea for either of those, I don’t think I can help you there. I found an article for men, you should be able to find one for women fairly easily. (Mostly wimples and veils, the high hats were around the 15th century iirc)

A Google search can get you a long way, just check their sources. The best sources are when they actually show the Medieval paintings and illuminations. Don’t trust Halloween costumes or anything on Amazon or just modern images. Go to the actual article and check their sources, and check the year and region.

(Link to article in a next post so the SE gremlins don’t eat it.)

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