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Noah Cochran


TIS FINISHED!! The drawing took like two weeks and was an absolute nightmare in general but I’m so proud of it!

I love it.

I. Love. It.


I feel honored that you have drawn such beauty from my humble descriptions. 😉

The wavy ripples in the mantle and horse’s mane are amazing. How long in hours do you think it took you?

Okay, I think this is where our differences come in.

I loved Delphine.

To begin with, let me wholeheartedly agree with you.  I also love Delphine, and I personally don’t find her that annoying all (I’m biased of course xD). However, I’m not sure I agree in regard to Tristan’s perspective on her behavior. If my father is actually very strangely (almost guilty), and a young woman I have never met is prying into it, and asking endless questions, I would be more than annoyed. I might actually be somewhat afraid, and this fear would taint the enjoyment I might have had with the company of the overly curious woman. Thus, while I would have normally been interested in banter and talk to get to know a possible friend or spouse, the fear would ruin it and I would become more irritable, less interested in conversation and friendly small talk, and probably not pay the full respectful attention I should to a woman trying to talk with me. That is what Tristan’s behavior was supposed to be like all the way up until he met her in Troyes. Then, because his eyes had been opened about his father, he was now supposed to decided to trust her and then care for her.

That is the way I think about it, but I will definitely be asking others about this to see what everyone thinks about it. My older sister and another young woman is supposed to be starting, but they’re taking their time to get started. xD

You don’t have enough introspection.

That’s the last thing I thought I would hear, but I will definitely add it to my revision list. xD

Oooh, that’s SO COOL!! Please tell me they’re a main character or at least an important character, I’ve never read it in a Medieval setting and I’d read it in a heartbeat!

One’s a main character, one is a major side character. The MC one is more of a former Jew than a current Jew though.

What have you got about the series so far? It sounds really interesting!

My brainstorming and outlining process needs work…to say the least. xD I built the character profiles for the main characters, but their arcs need some fleshing out. Having multiple arcs stretch across multiple books is a whole new deal than just working with a stand alone book. I have the gist of the antagonist’s plan and ultimate goal, but the preliminary conflicts and plot points need some serious work. So I have a question for you. From what I’ve found, having the ultimate end of the series, the climax of each book, and gist of the plot of each book planned out is necessary, but just how far do you take that? How much of the events of books 2-final did you have planned out when you started writing book 1?

Also, if you want to research culture, a good starting point is to see if they’d be Sephardic, Ashkenazi, or Mizrahi and work from there. (It’s the three major regions of the diaspora, with Ashkenazi being Europe, Mizrahi North African and Middle-east, and Sephardic in Spain and Portugal.)

Yes, I’ve studied the diaspora some, both of my characters are Ashkenazi in origin.

The three have very different cultural views, and once you figure out where your character would fit you can go from there.

Now that is something I would like to hear more about. How much do you know about their cultures and differences? I would love to hear everything you know. 🙂

Oh, forgot to mention! I would absolutely love to see Joelle and Delphine interacting more. They seem like they’d have a really cool dynamic, even if there is some tension at the start. A pretty good opportunity for that is around chapter 36. It’s pretty probable that they’d share a room in the inn, since there are only so many rooms. I’d like to see how they’d interact!

Now that is very interesting. I had literally put down on my revising document during my first revision to add some dialogue between Joelle and Delphine, and I had even put down to probably have in, guess what, chapter 36. xD I decided to know worry about that and add another whole section, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I definitely will. 🙂

Yeah, normally they would be sharing the same room, but Joelle much prefers to stay with her men than with others, so I didn’t think that would be in her character to stay with Delphine.

One more question for ya (I apologize for the amount of time I’m stealing from you). What did medieval hats look like (for both men and women)? What about 12th century helmets for both wealthier knights, and lower down men-at-arms?

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