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I love music, so I obviously do this. I will seriously put my playlist on shuffle then as a song plays, ill think of a scene in my story it relates to and kinda write that scene in my head while I listen to the music. It that makes sense XD

And I doubt y’all will know any of these songs lol

Here’s mine:

Entire book

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield


When characters realizes she needs to put the past behind her and continue on: Get Up by Shinedown

MC cheering up family: Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

When MC leaves family (since they don’t support her decisions): One Way Ticket by LeAnn Rimes And Second Chance by Shinedown


Kimberlin: Well I completely made this character off of me so I had to ask my mom what my theme song was her response was “the goat that sings with Whitney Houston” if you understand that reference be my bestie please

My real answer is probably Dancing Queen by Abba, I Won’t Back Down by Mr Cash, and I want a hippopotamus for Christmas by someone. That pretty much sums me off

Tae: Slipping Through my Fingers by Abba (the lyrics aren’t that relatable to her but the mood of the song is spot on)

Ryder: Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Jr

Rose ( @rose-colored-fancy I named her after you hope that’s ok):¬† You Can’t Hurry Love by Phil Collins

Felix: You’re Not Special by Shinedown

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