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Noah Cochran


Someone likes Demi Lovato. šŸ™‚

I’m gonna be honest, this is not at all down my alley. I love listening to music while writing, but I don’t really pick out songs for characters. My sister on the other hands has enitre playlists for her characters and spends about as much time gathering music as writing (that might be a minor exaggeration). xD

If it’s an upbeat scene that I might listen to Victory or Flight of the Silverbird by Two Steps from Hell (orchestra epicness).

Most of the time I listen to whatever, like, literally whatever. But some of my favorites are: The Call by Regina Spector, The Last Goodbye, Song of Durin, Evenstar, and The Sound of Silence.


Chantara- Natural by Imagine Dragons

Oh wow. If a character is defined by a song like that, then I’ve gotta read it.


+1 million votes for theĀ Song of DurinĀ 

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