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Emily Waldorf

I don’t have playlists for characters, but I do have writing music! Mostly I do music that has drive so that if I’m stuck I can listen to it. my favorites are

Ghost Riders in the Sky (The Orchard Enterprises)

Let it Go/Vivaldi’s Winter (the Piano Guys)

Flight of the Silverbird and Dragon Rider (Two Steps from Hell–a horrible name, I know!)

Battle for Camelot (Tartalo Music)

Raining Tacos (and assorted other songs by Perry Gripp)

If I’m feeling soulful I will do

Intermezzo (Mascagni)

Chaconne in f minor (Pachelbel)


My new favorites are from a group called Clamavi de Profundis–they have a renaissance style, and some of their music is really pretty.


thanks for tagging me!


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