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Grace Benham

Here’s mine.  (It’s about some kids who go to this secret academy, just so it makes sense.)

First year at the academy: To The Sky by Owl City

First impression arriving at the academy: Homeland from Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

All five friends causing trouble at a school event and dying laughing: La Polka Militaire from Cinderella 2015

Aubrey’s dad dies: Ecce Novum by Ola Gjeilo

Certain character taken prisoner: The Great Secret from Cinderella 2015

Seeing a certain character’s belongs after they’ve died: Waltz of Chihiro from Spirited Away

Graduation: Courage and Kindness from Cinderella 2015

“End credits” for the last book: Embers by Owl City

Aubrey: Confident (clean version) by Demi Lovato, Go the Distance from Hercules, Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato

Will: Count on Me by Bruno Mars, Vanilla Twilight by Owl City

Sing: Shooting Star by Owl City, Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato

Regina: Wings by Cimorelli, Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

Anthony: Starships (clean version) by Nicki Minaj

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