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Emma Walker

@gbfruitbat I’ll try a little bit at a time


1) Name: Arian (I’m going to guess he maybe has the last name Aphitsu?)

Close. Prince Daelon Aphitsu.

2) Age: 18-20

*checks notebook* Uuuuuuhhhh did I ever write that down?! *checks other notebook* *remembers where is is* *checks first notebook again* Oooooh yea! He’s 18.

3) Career/Role in Story: prince; important side character

I think he would be called the antagonist actually. Prince, marries girl (MC), and is just, ugh, I hate him.

4) Personality: pretty closed off and sarcastic.

He’s a vile, rude, fairly gruff, smooth talking, jerk of a guy, and I hate him.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: he seems like he might need a good friend to help him come back to the light or whatever.  So maybe??  If he didn’t have me executed first.

Lol right. Like I said, I hate him. He has no chance, well, technically he does, but he chooses wrong and stuff happens because of it.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: tortured character who is distrustful and somewhat paranoid because of his tragic backstory? Also, there’s rumors that he’s a vampire (which aren’t true but he doesn’t discourage them)

Lol if such rumors occurred, he probably wouldn’t discourage it.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: no nicknames, except maybe by brave people when he’s not listening.  Also known as the Raven Prince.  Or something to that effect.

I like that. His wife just refers to him as “Him”

8) Character’s greatest strength: is actually a good leader and could make good decisions if he could stop being somewhat evil


9) Character’s fatal flaw: doesn’t trust people

Yea, he’s also selfish.

"If your goal is purity in heart, be prepared to be thought very odd." -Elisabeth Elliott

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