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Grace Benham

Alrighty.  I’ll try to make this brief but…we’ll see.

Sing: An important side character in this idea.  She’s of Asian descent and sort of a stereotypical nerd (glasses and all) who loves to read.  She really loves math and computer science, and wants to go into cybersecurity. She’s pretty quiet and shy, but a really good listener.  Once you get to know her she’s really nice and funny.  I made her because I wanted to make a group of friends with all different personalities, so she was the brilliant hacker/nerd type.

Lumine: she’s a side character for my actual WIP, which is a middle grade fantasy about these elemental animals.  She’s a Light Horse, which means she basically glows all the time.  She meets the main characters on their journey when they stay with her herd for the night.  Despite her dislike of doing anything dangerous or hard, she gets stuck with them on their quest. She’s really prissy and annoying at first, but eventually the other characters and the journey start to teach her some good life lessons XD.  She eventually turns out to have random surprising moments of courage and empathy.

Kallian: love interest and important side character for this idea and actually pretty adorable (if I do say so myself).  He’s the son of a Sharani lord/general so he’s grown up pretty privileged.  He’s got almond eyes, olive skin, and black hair like all Sharani.  The Sharani race invaded the land of Agrathai many many years ago and took over from the peaceful native Marrites.  The Marrites now occupy the lower class in cities, and those who still live in villages can be taken as slaves by Sharani raiding parties.  Anyway, Kallian is really hardworking and studious, and tries hard to please his demanding and detached father. He can be seen as “soft” because he doesn’t like when others are unnecessarily cruel toward the Marrites, but usually his attempts to help just make it worse for them because he doesn’t understand all the undercurrents.  He eventually befriends the feisty MC (who is a slave for his father), which starts to reveal everything he takes for granted.  Plus he falls in love with her which is completely forbidden so there’s also that 😉

This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take: to be seen as we truly are.

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