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1) Name: Edith

Emarga Sacreau (extra points for guessing an ‘E’ name)

2) Age: Ummm 42? 50? 79? 20? The scars are throwing me off lpl

that and my inability to make people look old. I’d say 50’s but no specific age yet. Wouldn’t be surprised if she did something to make herself look younger.

3) Career/Role in Story: oof she is probably the antagonist

Probably one of the main villains.

4) Personality: tough, introverted, not always the kindest

She’s definitely not a social butterfly, which mostly stems from her superiority complex. She’s fairly calm most of the time, until something is done that she couldn’t predict or control. She’s very intelligent and it’s gone to her head, where she believes she can’t possibly be in the wrong. She does get directly involved in her work, unlike some other villains, which is why she’s scarred.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: I don’t think so XD

I’d run. Away. Very quickly.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: she might be a witch but she has an epic and tragic backstory

Not a witch, but a mad scientist, which is kinda like a witch if you squint. I wouldn’t say she has a tragic backstory, but more or less is the sort that gives them to other people.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: I have no clue

She does go by other names when she does her more… unsavory experiments.

8) Character’s greatest strength: everyone is scared of her

She does have the quality of actually getting her hands dirty instead of manipulating others to do the dirty work.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: she’s afraid of mice

She’s seen enough lab rats to not be bothered. I’d say it’s her tendency to overlook certain things because acknowledging them would be admitting she’s wrong… this can come back to bite her later.

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”

that’s hilarious. The image of her saying that with that voice is even funnier. Her voice is fairly monotone and cold, unfortunately she isn’t the cackly kind of mad scientist. I have… other characters for that role. I can’t think of a quote for her at the moment.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): dark crimson

Stark, hospital white. Clean, orderly, and easier to spot mistakes on before others do.

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): no they’re all dead

Even if they weren’t, they probably don’t want anything to do with her.

13) Single or taken?: divorced

…correct. At least separated.

14) Characters children (if any?): one son who got taken away from her

Again, pretty close. She has one son who probably wishes he’d been taken away from her. Unfortunately, she’s still raising him. He is partially why his father hightailed it out of there.

15) Characters hobbies: she does puzzles and enjoys identifying different frogs

again, this is hilarious. It also weirdly works. I imagine she likes sudoku, and does enjoy seeing new or rare species of critters… before she uses them in her experiements.

I totally see her in her backyard with a ton of frogs hopping around and her being like “that’s the little girl from the park, and that’s guy took the last jar of maraschino cherries, and that’s the mayor, well, former mayor *wicked laugh*”

For plot reasons, certain aspects of this scene scare me slightly. I don’t see her strolling about in a park anytime soon, she’s too involved with her work…

16) Greatest fear: being overruled

Similar. It’s being proven wrong in a way she can’t ignore. For all of life’s work to be destroyed in an instant.

17) Dreams and Aspirations: to be the only person on the planet

To expand the boundaries of science and to be satisfied with her knowledge. I don’t think being the only person alive would bother her that much either.

18) Darkest Secret: she has a plan to become the only person on the planet

Should we start with encouraging kidnapping, the super soldier project, or what she did to her kid first?

19) Peculiarities: she can’t stand long fingernails, she’s always got a schedule made for each day, she loves stew but hates cooked potatoes

Not sure about the stew part, but long fingernails because they get in the way when she’s working and meticulous schedules? that kinda fits, ngl.


You weren’t too far off with some things in my opinion. It’s always interesting to see just how close you guys get.

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