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Grace Benham

Okay, once again I have come to a thread that hasn’t been used in a LONG time and I’m going to post on it ‘cause I like it.

First of all, I am so glad I’m not the only person who has like five million characters just existing in space.  I’m gonna follow everyone else’s lead and just give you all a list to choose from, if you still get on here.

<u>Story Idea 1</u>

  • Will
  • Aubrey
  • Anthony
  • Sing
  • Regina

<u>Story Idea 2</u>

  • Viorel
  • Azuria
  • Ayaz
  • Shajo
  • Lumine
  • Nisha
  • Zefir

<u>Story Idea 3</u>

  • Kallian
  • Skyra

This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take: to be seen as we truly are.

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