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Noah Cochran


I return with answers!

I appreciate all the work you’re putting into this, it’s of immense valuable to me.

Okay, I bookmarked both the channels, and I’ll add them to this week’s to-do list. I do have one question though. What do you mean my triangular shields? From what I’ve read, the circular shield was the earlier version, and then the kite shaped shield took over in popularity in the high middle ages (though circular and diamond shields were also used) for both knights and infantry. Have I  totally overlooked a version of shield?

The only reason cloaks ever went out of fashion is cowardice. They knew cloaks were too powerful.

😂 For some reason, I found that unreasonably amusing.

Not that I’m complaining, it’s amazing. Nobody has ever won my respect faster than the guy who correctly listed all of Hannibal’s mercenary troops during the Second and Third Punic Wars off the top of his head in casual conversation.

It sounds like history lover heaven, and if your goal was to make me jealous, you’re doing an excellent job. xD 😉 I have never met another person in rl that loves history–unless the history is world war two or American history, and at this point, I think my search my be futile. So I compliment you on your congenial situation–minus the tax fraud government. 😄

Ech, I don’t like cabbage in any form and I’ve never eaten pork, so I’ll pass

I can understand not liking cabbage (I used to not like it either), but no pork? Is that a ethnic group thing, family choice, or personal lack of trying excellent cuisine 😉

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