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Eh, I’m not even sure if I have the poem anymore. Too much work to find it.

You wound me Noah.

From Now On is my favorite.

Nice! I love them all but The Other Side is my favorite. However, Never Enough is incredibly fun to sing


It’s fine! Don’t feel bad if you reply late, or forget to reply at all. I, too, am forgetful, and I have the memory of a goldfish, so I understand! (:

You’re really sweet 🤗

I mean that you all are being really friendly, and I appreciate that so much. (:

Oh we can be mean, believe me. It’s just much more fun being nice cuz then it’s easier to tease people and have pointless rambles, a lot like this one, without making them hate you

I favour the second statement: YOU ARE NOT DIRT. You’re an amazing daughter of God!

*achem* true, I am, but technically I am made of dirt.

I … haven’t read much in the dystopian genre, so I can’t really say. I hated The Hunger Games because I’m squeamish and sensitive. Divergent wasn’t so bad — I just disliked all the romance.

I’ll have to avoid making THG references around you then XD that’s one of my favorite series. Divergent is on my list to read next, it sounds really interesting! I also like The Maze Runner. Have you read it?

If you want to make a poem about crayon aroma, go right ahead. Nobody worth anything will judge poetry because it is seemingly “stupid.”

You are very inspiring, Laura 🙂

However you’re also a much better poet out of the two of us. Here’s my poem about the smell of crayons that I’m making up on the spot:

The Smell Of Crayons –

An authentic poem by Erynne Erynne 


Oh crayon, how beautiful your colors are

Toddlers and bored teens use you for art,

Except the white and that yellow green color that never works

Oh crayon, my friend, the best part of you is the smell, it’s one of your odd quirks

The smell of a crayon is a smell you can smell with your nose 

Oh crayon, you smell like wax and paper because that’s what you are from your head to your toes

Inside and out, my friend crayon, wax and paper is all 

Yet we still enjoy you, to color a basketball


I did! Now I know there are other people with similar taste!

Yes, of course. I don’t hate rap to the extremes, but it’s usually not very clean and often times very annoying. Although, someone mentioned Will Smith and I don’t remember who, but I want to be friends with you whoever you are

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Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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