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Ooo, you’re in the Jaron fanclub with my sister! XD I do like Jaron, but also Imogen and Tobias. Mott is pretty cool too!  Also, Happy (early) Birthday! I hope you enjoy the fifth book.

Let’s see. My younger sister is about four and a half years younger than me; and the youngest sister is roughly ten years younger than me.

Ah Ruan! Sounds like Jaron’s long lost twin XD Gotta love the snark!

So The Girl Who Drank the Moon is similar in genre to your story; it’s fantasy with dystopian elements in it (think… Narnia with a dystopian leadership? Something like that.) And the Giver is dystopian as well, though the other books have a taste of fantasy in them as well. The first book was really good.

Cool, you enjoy drawing and art? (unfortunately, I’m a terrible artist XD)

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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