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Laura K. Abeid


Hello there! I’m Lily. Welcome to the S.E forum! From what I gathered, you’re a fellow alto, Greatest Showman song lover, and Ascendance fan??!! (seriously, my sister and I love those books! The fifth book was so amazing!) Who’s your favorite Ascendance character?

Hello Lily! It is nice to meet you. Thank you for the welcome!
Ah, we have much in common!
My favourite character from Ascendance would be either Jaron or Mott. Their king-to-commander/caretaker together is just so funny. XD
What about yours?
(Eek, I have not read the 5th book due to my birthday coming up and it being on the list)

I also have two younger siblings with big age gaps in between us; and I love writing fantasy and dystopian (though I’m slowly branching out into other genres that interest me *haha, can’t make up my mind!*)

Cool! How far apart are they?
Also cool! My current WIP is fantasy/dystopian, and that’s fun to play around in.

I like the premise of your WIP; who is your most favorite character to write? Ooo, have you ever read The Girl Who Drank the Moon or The Giver series?

Thank you! My favourite would probably be my main character Rúan. He’s just so snarky, brazen, and practically the stark opposite of me in so many ways. 😆 His personality is definite to make old ladies swat him across the ears (which has happened, actually).
I have not heard of those books … what are they about?


I would be more than happy to share what I have so far.

And I’d be more than happy to read it. (:

Thanks! I will check those authors out!

They’re wonderful poets!

I have always enjoyed drawing soldiers and warriors from ancient and medieval times and also battles and castles. Currently, I am focused on character and creatures. Soon I will get into also designing items such as weapons and armor for some later plans.

Interesting! I’m getting into that kind of style as well — medieval times. It’s most interesting, especially the Celts.
Nice! I need to get more into designing armour … I am not the best at it. 😅

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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