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Laura K. Abeid


Yeah, they’re amazing!

“God only knowwwws what you’ve been through!”

That’s our work as writers XD


LOL, it’s a joke that chestnut mares are particularly sassy. “Beware the chestnut mare” XD

Haha. XD

That’s awesome! I think Vanilla Twilight is like the second song I heard of him!

Nice! I cried when I first heard it.

LOL, that’s hilarious because I’m the exact opposite XD I understood none of those words but I can sight read sheet music pretty reliably.

Wow, I admire your sheet-music-reading skills.

I was the opposite XD I really liked the Hunger Games (though admittedly I frequently skipped through the deaths. I have never read Cato’s death and I never will.) I thought the theme and character work was pretty great.

Oof, yeah, don’t read Cato’s death. It still gives me nightmares.
I really don’t like gore, and The Hunger Games just shook me after I finished it. I hated it so much.

I got to the middle of Allegiant before I gave up on Divergent. It just didn’t work for me, and I was spoiled for the ending and already mad about it. I totally agree on the romance. Every time they started kissing I skipped it XD Admittedly, I do that a lot. I don’t ship characters easily and often find it outright boring or annoying.

I didn’t even read the second book because of the suggestive themes in the first. I liked the plot — it was cool — but I really didn’t like all the war and fighting and the … injuries the main character got.
Ugh. Kissing.
Only good authors can really nail kissing scenes and make it so that I don’t want to groan.

Romance has potential to add a lot to a story but it often just… doesn’t. It’s just attraction and it doesn’t go deeper than that.

Yeah, I can see that.
Romance is a big part of my story, though, so I’m trying to hone my skills in feelings. 😅

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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