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Interesting! I love For King and Country.

Yeah, they’re amazing!

Ah, aren’t all our characters probably mad at us for plot purposes? I know Rúan would go hoarse screaming at me for everything I did to him.

That’s our work as writers XD

Are they? Interesting … I’ll tell my siblings about that.
Don’t we love our little brats?

LOL, it’s a joke that chestnut mares are particularly sassy. “Beware the chestnut mare” XD

Oooo, I love Rainbow Veins and Fireflies! Oh, and Embers too. (:
My favourites from him are probably “If My Heart was a House,” “Vanilla Twilight,” “You’re Not Alone,” and his cover of “Waving Through a Window.” His voice is so comforting for me.

That’s awesome! I think Vanilla Twilight is like the second song I heard of him!

I do know quite a bit, but only basics (like I know what “Csus2” would be, and I know “Dmsus2,” etc.), nothing as complicated as reading the music notes or the little symbol thingies on sheet music.

LOL, that’s hilarious because I’m the exact opposite XD I understood none of those words but I can sight read sheet music pretty reliably.

I … haven’t read much in the dystopian genre, so I can’t really say. I hated The Hunger Games because I’m squeamish and sensitive. Divergent wasn’t so bad — I just disliked all the romance.

I was the opposite XD I really liked the Hunger Games (though admittedly I frequently skipped through the deaths. I have never read Cato’s death and I never will.) I thought the theme and character work was pretty great.

I got to the middle of Allegiant before I gave up on Divergent. It just didn’t work for me, and I was spoiled for the ending and already mad about it. I totally agree on the romance. Every time they started kissing I skipped it XD Admittedly, I do that a lot. I don’t ship characters easily and often find it outright boring or annoying.

Romance has potential to add a lot to a story but it often just… doesn’t. It’s just attraction and it doesn’t go deeper than that.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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