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*tosses away theology discussion hat*

You should have known better to ask me theology questions then.

I should have, I need to remember that’s a bad idea in future 😉

I appreciate that. I was worried it would be so chaotic that all coherency and flow would be murdered brutally. xD

I told you it’s better than you think 🙂

That’s some serious hyperbole right there, I only have like a half a dozen betas not scores of them. xD

Dude, that’s quite a lot. XD I have two definite ones (you’re one of them) and two probable ones. (that’s enough for my purpose though, I mostly want the feedback to improve)

You have… nine. That’s pretty great!

Also, most of the people are signing up because of me, not their trust in my writing skills. In other words, they’re friends/they know me enough to like me and take their chances on possibly wasting their time reading a book I wrote. xD But hopefully they’re enjoying it as well.

That’s cool! My friends either don’t speak English or don’t read the genre, but thank goodness I have you awesome SE folks. Finding Betas is actually way easier than I thought it would be, I was completely lost on how I’d find anyone to read it.

Betas are kinda hard to direct though. One is done already, another is nearly done, one hasn’t started, and the other is on chapter 6 or something.

That’s a fact XD In Dutch we’d call that a ‘luxury problem’, a problem you only have because of a success XD


Oh that’s easy! Turn the air conditioner up 80 degrees

NOPE!! Doesn’t count!! XD

Exactly what I-hypothetically of course-said; hilarious, do it!!!

Too late, I already sent in a perfectly fine but perfectly bland presentation. Opportunity wasted 😭

*coughs* Amy made the giant emoji and you know it

It was absolutely Amy. She sounds spiteful.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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