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Laura K. Abeid


Hey sorry, I’m really late, and I don’t have a good excuse other than I forgot to respond.

*hands you pie I made today at work* a peace offering

It’s fine! Don’t feel bad if you reply late, or forget to reply at all. I, too, am forgetful, and I have the memory of a goldfish, so I understand! (:

Oh, well, I have no idea what I said exactly to.make you say that, but you’re welcome XD

I mean that you all are being really friendly, and I appreciate that so much. (:

If you aren’t already like that when you join SE, you will be when you get off.

Then if you are like that when you join, you just lose a few brain cells from time to time.

I’m giving yoh a fair warning 😉


Lol, I’m either treating myself like dirt or I’m talking about how amazing I am. There’s no in between. Ask @noah-cochran he knows XD

I favour the second statement: YOU ARE NOT DIRT. You’re an amazing daughter of God!

What dystopian books do you like?

I … haven’t read much in the dystopian genre, so I can’t really say. I hated The Hunger Games because I’m squeamish and sensitive. Divergent wasn’t so bad — I just disliked all the romance.

I have a friend who likes that video game. He’s on here but he doesn’t get on much.

Ah, cool! It’s a really cool video game, and that is coming from a non-gamer. I love the lore, the plot, and the creativity that follows with it all. 😊

Great!! I can’t wait to hear your opinion!


Oh well that makes sense. Take the compliment anyway


I love your poem!! I’ve always wanted to give poetry a shot, but I feel like it would end up being about something stupid like the smell of crayons. Cuz I would totally do that.

Thank you!
Don’t be afraid to write poetry, even if it is about the smell of crayons! You could write about why you love/hate the smell of crayons, like this:

The freshly opened cardboard box
The smell of childhood within
Crayons as big as the hands of a clock
The aroma of what has been.

If you want to make a poem about crayon aroma, go right ahead. Nobody worth anything will judge poetry because it is seemingly “stupid.” 😊

I’m not part of the music talk but I’m joining anyway. I LOVE The Greatest Showman and I also don’t like rap much either. And yes, you had to know that

I did! Now I know there are other people with similar taste!


Me and my brother are the most into music, but all of us like to sing. I share a room with four younger brothers, and I also have two sisters. So yeah, we have a full house.

Oh wow, that is a full house!
That’s great that all of you like singing. 🙂 My mom and siblings have good voices, they just don’t sing often, or seriously try to sound good singing.

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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