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1) Name: Loikan


2) Age: Well he’s a Phoenix… so.. I mean he could be thousands of years old. But he looks like an eighteen yo in human form.

He’s in his forties, I do have a hard time making people look ‘old’ lol

3) Career/Role in Story: MC?

Currently he doesn’t have a major presence, but he is very plot important to the MC. If I do a prequel story for my series, he would be an MC.

4) Personality: Easily confused, fearful, introverted, anxious, soft spoken.

He used to be quite confident with a fiery personality… but certain events have left him distant and grieving. He is stubborn and headstrong.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: Sure he’s cool XD I think.

I would.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: He looks cool. *nods*

Yeah. He also looks like he’s just learned something horrible. *evil author grin*

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why? : No clue. Hmm oh Noclue XD

He has a couple fake names, for incognito purposes

8) Character’s greatest strength: He remembers things.

Oh. Oh man. This is hilarious for plot reasons. His strengths I think would be his intelligence, he’s been professionally trained in tactics and strategy, and his training in diplomacy makes him good with people. He also has a certain warmth to him that makes people feel at ease.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: He’s not confident in himself.

Currently, his flaw is his tendency to push others away the moment the become more than acquaintances. He’s been burned with several relationships ending horribly, and doesn’t want another reason to grieve.

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “Oh screw it i can’t do that!”

“You think you can threaten me? With death? Pain? My life is already those things. I’m never died but I’ve felt death with every waking breath, with every heartbeat I wait for it to be my last. You cannot take from me what hasn’t already been taken.”

I decided to get dramatic.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): Red

I personally think he’s fond of blue. It… reminds him of someone.

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): Uuhhh I don’t know how Phoenix/humans work XD Explain it to me pls

His mother and father are both alive, he has a half brother. His father is the king of the Summyr kingdom, and his mother used to be queen… phoenix politics are a bit interesting.

13) Single or taken?: I feel like he wants to be taken……………….

Spoilers: he’s taken but he doesn’t currently know.

14) Characters children (if any?): no.

Hehehehe… he doesn’t think he does…

15) Characters hobbies: reading.

He does like literature and learning. He’s particularly fond of history and folklore.

16) Greatest fear: Water?

Losing someone again.

17) Dreams and Aspirations: uuuhhhh I’m really clueless for this guy.

So is he. At one point his dreams were almost fulfilled, but then tragic backstories happened…

18) Darkest Secret: I need coffee I’m going blank.. uuuhhhh He knows.

He doesn’t know. His darkest secret is what he’s forgotten.

19) Peculiarities: He seems peculiar enough I think XD

Yes. Yes he is.

Believe it or not, he’s not the weirdest.

Thank you for doing him. Also, some of answers were accidentally entertaining for me, as you can tell.

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