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Laura K. Abeid


Nice. Tightrope has really been growing on me.

‘Tis truly a wonderful song.

From things you’ve been saying, you sound quite adept at music. Have you taken music theory?

Actually, I haven’t. I just learned some of the terms from my father, who oftentimes coaches me on chords and theory and all that jazz. 🙂
I do know quite a bit, but only basics (like I know what “Csus2” would be, and I know “Dmsus2,” etc.), nothing as complicated as reading the music notes or the little symbol thingies on sheet music.
(All the slang I just used in that last sentence shows how much I know of that stuff 😅)

The feeling is mutual. 🙂


Finally, I’ve met another lover of this amazing song. I find it quite emotionally evocative personally, and you have just elicited the desire in me to hear you and your father sing a duet. 🙂 Is your family all into music? How many siblings do you have?

It is so powerfully emotional … I just adore music that I can connect with on a deep level — music that has meaning. Sometimes I cry while listening to that song. I’m so happy I’ve found someone who also relates to this.
Sadly, the majority family is not into music as much as me and my dad. We are the only ones who will sit down and appreciate the wording of the lyrics, or that unusually wonderful chord progression.

As for how many siblings I have, I have two: a younger brother by nearly 4 years, and a younger sister by nearly 7 years.

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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