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Noah Cochran


Of Greatest Showman? Probably “Tightrope,” “From Now On,” and “The Greatest Show.”
I’ll belt all of those happily, audience or no.

Nice. Tightrope has really been growing on me.

(Though I may have to transpose “From Now On” up a few notches so it can fit my range as an alto 😅)

From things you’ve been saying, you sound quite adept at music. Have you taken music theory?

I am very glad to have met you. (:

The feeling is mutual. 🙂

Ohh … that is arguably my favourite song of theirs. It’s in a nice range too, so I can sing it easily. My father and I love to duet to it.

Finally, I’ve met another lover of this amazing song. I find it quite emotionally evocative personally, and you have just elicited the desire in me to hear you and your father sing a duet. 🙂 Is your family all into music? How many siblings do you have?


May God bless and keep the goverment far away from us” is probably one of the most quoted lines in our house

Amen and Amen.

I’d say my favorite group for writing music is the Yamma ensemble.

Excuse me while I go look up a group called Yamma ensemble.

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