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It appears we believe very nearly the same thing then.

Ok cool! We are going up to Indiana sometime (I don’t know when exactly) so I’m trying to convince my mom to let us go to your church that weekend. I’m awfully curious to see if our churches are anything alike

Say this: “Cathy, you’re incorrigible.”

So you see, at first I was going to act very offended because I thought you were telling Cathy she was out of her mind or something (which isn’t wrong but still 😝) then I looked up the meaning or incorrigible and I was like “Ohhhhh yeah I was totally wrong”

So yes, Cathy dear, you are incorrigible

Words of Noah Cochran and Erynne Erynne

I was waiting for you to say that, but blame it on Rose and Erynne for asking me theology questions that I just had  to answer. xD

Hey I’m glad you did!

Also, most of the people are signing up because of me, not their trust in my writing skills. In other words, they’re friends/they know me enough to like me and take their chances on possibly wasting their time reading a book I wrote.

Yeah Noah, nobody cares about your book (jk XD)

First off, I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to with Cathy in front of you staring me down. Secondly, yes, you can read it.   However, I’ll probably send it to you this weekended or the beginning of next week to help me stagger readers out a little (I have a couple more that will be joining around the same time).

True, you probably would’ve gotten shot.

That’s fine! I have to work most of this “weekended” anyways.


I recant my skepticism


*humphs in Italian*

I totally see that in my brain. It is it our brain now? XD

Whew, sMooTH!! Ok!

Oh yeah, totally 😏

Lol I just mentioned it to her and she was really interested if ya wanna cut her in Noah   *See that’s how you ask, not whatever that was ;)*

Don’t judge me, I did what I had to do.

lol yes, I am super wise.

Uhhhh….. *chooses to not say anything*


See told ya


Also it sounds like you’re the only one that wants to hear my voice XD

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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