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Laura K. Abeid


oh gosh, I think probably Gandalf for me.  I think I’ve come to appreciate him a lot more as I’ve gotten older and re-read the books, but honestly it’s so hard to pick favorietes!  Eowyn is another favorite of mine, and I love Aragorn too.  I really love all of the main cast tbh, but I really really dislike Gollum.

Ah, the good ol’ Gandalf! How could I have forgotten! And Éowyn! (I actually have a friend named Éowyn)
I … well, don’t judge, but … I kind of like Gollum. His character arc is interesting, and I’ve never read a character like him, ever.

Aww that’s great!  I would love to see some of your art sometime, if you’re alright with it.  I used to really like drawing my own characters, but I got kind of burnt out with it, so I’ve mainly been doing fanart instead.  It’s been a really great source of inspiration, and has also motivated me to work on skills that I wouldn’t have if I was just drawing portraits of my own characters.

If there’s a way to post artwork and images, I’d be more than happy to do so!
Oooo, fan art is fun, too! I have a few pieces of fan art somewhere …

I used to really like Owl City but I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve listened to his music!  It’s so creative, though, and it has such a nice sound.

Oh, you should get back into it! Owl City is such a comfort band for me.

I’ve heard great things about a bunch of those musicals, but I’ve never actually seen any of them.  I want to start watching musicals someday, though.  Do you have any recommendations?  I know I need to watch the The Greatest Showman someday, and a lot of the other ones you mentioned are classics, right?

Mmm, I’d definitely recommend Disney’s Broadway Newsies. The music, the dancing, the acting, the actors — it’s amazing! Then I’d have to say The Phantom of the Opera, which is more opera than regular music, but the soundtrack is awesome!

Oh dear I apologize in advance…

Haikyuu is like the best series I’ve ever watched/read!  It’s a slice of life manga/anime about a high school volleyball team that wants to make it to nationals.  It sounds so simple and kinda boring, but it honestly blew my mind.  Like, it has hands down the best supporting cast I’ve ever seen in any media, it has the best character development I’ve ever seen any any media…It actually knocked LotR off of my “#1” spot just in the past three months it’s been since I started watching it!  And this is coming from someone who isn’t really interested in slice of life fiction and who hates watching sports.

And when I mean it has a good supporting cast I mean it has a good huge supporting cast – pretty much all of the opposing teams get character development and become supporting characters in their own right (which is terrible because then you have to watch them lose lol).  I highly recommend it, but it does have some swearing and a few questionable scenes.  Also, the fandom is terrible and gross, which is too bad because the show is pretty clean 🙁

Ah … I see. Cool!


Hi Laura! Welcome aboard! I am also new too. I recently joined near the beginning of November.

Thank you! Ah, so nice to meet someone else who’s also relatively new! Welcome to you too. (:

I am working on a rather large project a story that will cover dystopian, Sci-fi, and epic fantasy.

Interesting mix! I’d like to read that someday. (:

I am trying to learn poetry to use in my story. If you have any resources you would recommend to check out, I would appreciate it. I plan to use it for mysteries, tales, and songs in my story.

Cool! So do I. (:
Resources? … Hm, that would be hard. I don’t think I’ve ever used anything to learn poetry before … I guess I just watched and learned by reading poems from Emily Dickenson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Jesse Stuart.

Most people say I am an INFJ but I lean more towards INFP.

Ah, cool! My brother is INFJ. (:

I like Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, Skyward and The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini, Narnia by CS Lewis. My favorite is Redwall by Brian Jacques and is the one that I discovered how fun storytelling really is.

Oooo, another Inheritance Cycle lover! Kvetha, Joshua-vodhr!

I used to draw a lot growing up but got rusty after I went to college. Now I trying to rekindle it and learn digital illustration so I can illustrate my world and characters. What do you like to draw?

That’s great that you’re trying again! What do you enjoy drawing?
I like to draw my characters mostly, or other people’s characters. People are my forte. (:


Yeah, my taste changes all the time. XD It’s all over the place, I listen to lots of genres. I’d say my favorite artists that you haven’t mentioned are probably Imagine Dragons, Paper Kites, Oh Hello’s, Lindsey Stirling, For King and Country, and Juniper Vale. (I could keep listing but those are the top ones XD)

Interesting! I love For King and Country.

That’s very sweet of you, you’re amazing too 🙂

Ahw, thank you. ❤️

Ohhh… yesss!!! Those are just the best!! Liorah would make a snappy comment or try to kick my shins. (She’s still mad at me for what I did for plot purposes.)

Ah, aren’t all our characters probably mad at us for plot purposes? I know Rúan would go hoarse screaming at me for everything I did to him. 😆

Goodness, they are!! And chestnut mare ponies are the worst XD. Though, arguably, my chestnut gelding who is not quite a pony but close is far, far worse. XD (I love him dearly but he’s a brat.)

Are they? Interesting … I’ll tell my siblings about that.
Don’t we love our little brats? 😁

I have a lot XD Lemme see, off the top of my head, Rainbow Veins, Fireflies (of course XD) Beautiful times, the Saltwater room, Technicolor phase, Bird with a broken wing, Gold, and Embers. (I can’t decide I love all of them XD) And you?

Oooo, I love Rainbow Veins and Fireflies! Oh, and Embers too. (:
My favourites from him are probably “If My Heart was a House,” “Vanilla Twilight,” “You’re Not Alone,” and his cover of “Waving Through a Window.” His voice is so comforting for me. ☺️

I’d say my favorite group for writing music is the Yamma ensemble. They’re really obscure but I stumbled on them while researching instruments for my setting. They still use the old acoustic instruments, (that would have been used in my setting) most of their music is Hebrew, Arabic, or Ladino folk songs, and they have the exact right feel for my book, so that’s fantastic. And since I can’t actually understand any of those languages, I don’t get distracted by the lyrics.

And movie soundtracks, of course XD

Ooooo nice!

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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