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I recant my skepticism

*is speachless* Technically I said I wouldn’t challenge you so you do not have the right to say that.

Ok, fine; how dare you disagree with me!! 😉

Nobody would’ve believed that.

*humphs in Italian*

Oh and umm @Noah-Cochran Cathy sorta kinda mentioned that you were um searching f-for beta readers for uh, The Thief’s Dilemma so I was just gonna say um say I might sorta be interested if you want me to ya know sooooo yeah *attempts dashing smile* *hides behind @This-is-not-an-alien and whispers “if he doesn’t want me to LIKE I SAID HE WOULDN’T Im blaming you”*

Whew, sMooTH!! Ok!

Lol I just mentioned it to her and she was really interested if ya wanna cut her in Noah 🙂 *See that’s how you ask, not whatever that was ;)*

My vocal cords froze. If you get the tempratures up to about 80 degrees this month I might consider it.

Oh that’s easy! Turn the air conditioner up 80 degrees 😉

Nobody yet… XD Just in case… (LOL, I couldn’t use it without blaming myself, the plan was mine in the first place. Come on, it would have been funny!!)

Exactly what I-hypothetically of course-said; hilarious, do it!!!

You’re even wiser than you give yourself credit for

lol yes, I am super wise. 🤤

I was waiting for you to say that, but blame it on Rose and Erynne for asking me theology questions that I just had  to answer. xD

yeah yeah yeah, excuses excuses.

First off, I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to with Cathy in front of you staring me down. Secondly, yes, you can read it. However, I’ll probably send it to you this weekended or the beginning of next week to help me stagger readers out a little (I have a couple more that will be joining around the same time).

, See told ya 😉

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