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Noah Cochran


Each person is given a choice to sin or to not sin and it’s their choice of which one they pick, Satan just provides them with a sinful option. I just wanted to clarify

It appears we believe very nearly the same thing then. 🙂

On another note, Cathy finally explained what she meant, and, um, idk what to say to that

Say this: “Cathy, you’re incorrigible.”


🥱 *unimpressed* 🥱

Sure you are. 🙃

Whoa, whoA whoa!!! HOLD right there yo people!!! You betta just take that to The Forum coz I love everybody here and we ain’t doin’ that here, ok? Ok. Perfect.

I was waiting for you to say that, but blame it on Rose and Erynne for asking me theology questions that I just had  to answer. xD


Cathy is being very wise and besides that I really don’t like discussing theology

*tosses away theology discussion hat* 🙂

You should have known better to ask me theology questions then. 😉

The tower scene was iconic. I’m never forgetting that one. The sheer chaos of it XD

I appreciate that. I was worried it would be so chaotic that all coherency and flow would be murdered brutally. xD

Also, how do you keep gathering so many beta readers!?! It’s crazy! I have a couple people who I’m going to rope into it but people are throwing themselves at Thief’s Dilemma! If it’s any indication, you have a bestseller on your hands

That’s some serious hyperbole right there, I only have like a half a dozen betas not scores of them. xD

Also, most of the people are signing up because of me, not their trust in my writing skills. In other words, they’re friends/they know me enough to like me and take their chances on possibly wasting their time reading a book I wrote. xD But hopefully they’re enjoying it as well. Betas are kinda hard to direct though. One is done already, another is nearly done, one hasn’t started, and the other is on chapter 6 or something. 😄


Oh and umm @Noah-Cochran Cathy sorta kinda mentioned that you were um searching f-for beta readers for uh, The Thief’s Dilemma so I was just gonna say um say I might sorta be interested if you want me to ya know sooooo yeah

First off, I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to with Cathy in front of you staring me down. Secondly, yes, you can read it. 🙂 However, I’ll probably send it to you this weekended or the beginning of next week to help me stagger readers out a little (I have a couple more that will be joining around the same time).

*attempts dashing smile*

Hey, dashing smiles are my thing.

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