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Listen, a woman with the fighting skills you have cannot be a chicken, just think about yourself as a warrior duchess and put on a pristine look everytime your in a social situation, and you’ll be fine.

That’s great advice XD

O_O And  the PM got re-elected? I’m torn between disdainful disgust and hilarity. xD

Impressive, innit? XD People are so freaking stupid.

Whoa, whoA whoa!!! HOLD right there yo people!!! You betta just take that to The Forum coz I love everybody here and we ain’t doin’ that here, ok? Ok. Perfect.

Cathy is being very wise and besides that I really don’t like discussing theology, so I’m going to say that I agree with you on some points (The reasons why we should obey Him and spread the word, that was a great analogy and I completely agree) and disagree with you on others (The concept of original sin and the elect) and leave it at that 🙂 That was a very interesting read though, thanks for sharing!


Cathy sorta kinda mentioned that you were um searching f-for beta readers for uh, The Thief’s Dilemma so I was just gonna say um say I might sorta be interested if you want me to ya know sooooo yeah

*attempts dashing smile*

*hides behind This-is-not-an-alien and whispers “if he doesn’t want me to LIKE I SAID HE WOULDN’T Im blaming you”*

DO IT!!! I’m about 130 pages in and it’s awesome!!! You’ll love it!


The tower scene was iconic. I’m never forgetting that one. The sheer chaos of it XD

Also, how do you keep gathering so many beta readers!?! It’s crazy! I have a couple people who I’m going to rope into it but people are throwing themselves at Thief’s Dilemma! If it’s any indication, you have a bestseller on your hands 🙂


Like…your voice? *cue puppy eyes* ehh well it was worth a try XD.

My vocal cords froze. If you get the tempratures up to about 80 degrees this month I might consider it.

Who do I need to bribe/blackmail in return? *ahem* who’s the judge of this “legal evidence”

Nobody yet… XD Just in case… (LOL, I couldn’t use it without blaming myself, the plan was mine in the first place. Come on, it would have been funny!!)

For everyone who didn’t see the conversation, I told Cathy I had to do an assignment about the lungs for school and I wanted to add just a few too many details about what lungs look like irl and the texture and the color etc. XD I know this from helping process turkeys but my teacher doesn’t know me and won’t know that and it would be hysterically suspicious.

OH YES!!!! I keep dreaming I’m Alessio!!

LOL, knew I wasn’t the only one XD

See, exactly!!! Wait–

*Is ignoring this entire conversation I ain’t even reading it unless it’s on The Forum coz I like everybody here and we ain’t starting that!!! *

You’re even wiser than you give yourself credit for 🙂


Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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