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Wow, that term has never been applied to me before.

LOL, same XD

I respect that — people have different tastes.
Though I don’t generally like rap, there’s a few songs by Will Smith that I’ll tolerate. (:

Yeah, my taste changes all the time. XD It’s all over the place, I listen to lots of genres. I’d say my favorite artists that you haven’t mentioned are probably Imagine Dragons, Paper Kites, Oh Hello’s, Lindsey Stirling, For King and Country, and Juniper Vale. (I could keep listing but those are the top ones XD)

You don’t deserve to be called amazing — it’s something that comes with you when you enter this world. Everyone is inherently amazing, even if the things they do aren’t so great.

That’s very sweet of you, you’re amazing too 🙂

Ohhohoho, yes, the incorrigibly clever, rude, and sassy brats are some of my favourites. Rúan’s the kind of character that — when hugged by his adoring Mama Authoress — would either just take it with an unamused face and stink eye, or probably scowl and squirm.

Ohhh… yesss!!! Those are just the best!! Liorah would make a snappy comment or try to kick my shins. (She’s still mad at me for what I did for plot purposes.)

*insert image of Tangled‘s Rapunzel fawning over her unamused pet chameleon*

I spend too much time on the internet, I saw that gif. XD

Ponies are the darndest little things — ask my sister who rides one.

Goodness, they are!! And chestnut mare ponies are the worst XD. Though, arguably, my chestnut gelding who is not quite a pony but close is far, far worse. XD (I love him dearly but he’s a brat.)

Ooooo another Owl City fan! What is your favourite song by him?
And I love Scarborough Fair!! It’s so … beautifully haunting. Like a Scottish lullaby.

I have a lot XD Lemme see, off the top of my head, Rainbow Veins, Fireflies (of course XD) Beautiful times, the Saltwater room, Technicolor phase, Bird with a broken wing, Gold, and Embers. (I can’t decide I love all of them XD) And you?


Why thank you.

Truth is though, I haven’t watch like any of these (though I have seen Fiddler on the Roof, me and my mom watched that a while back, no one else was interested except us xD), I just love the songs.

LOL, know that feeling! Fiddler on the Roof was a cinematic masterpiece though, imo XD I could quote every line from the movie. We watched it again the other day and “May God bless and keep the goverment far away from us” is probably one of the most quoted lines in our house XD

Oh, and Scarborough Fair is easily in my top 5 folk songs. Such an amazing song to listen to while writing. In other words, Laura and Rose, both of y’all’s taste in music has my approval.

It’s fantastic, I love it, I’ve found like ten renditions of it.

I’d say my favorite group for writing music is the Yamma ensemble. They’re really obscure but I stumbled on them while researching instruments for my setting. They still use the old acoustic instruments, (that would have been used in my setting) most of their music is Hebrew, Arabic, or Ladino folk songs, and they have the exact right feel for my book, so that’s fantastic. And since I can’t actually understand any of those languages, I don’t get distracted by the lyrics.

And movie soundtracks, of course XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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