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@mamaauthoress oh gosh, I think probably Gandalf for me.  I think I’ve come to appreciate him a lot more as I’ve gotten older and re-read the books, but honestly it’s so hard to pick favorietes!  Eowyn is another favorite of mine, and I love Aragorn too.  I really love all of the main cast tbh, but I really really dislike Gollum.

I love drawing my own characters!

Aww that’s great!  I would love to see some of your art sometime, if you’re alright with it.  I used to really like drawing my own characters, but I got kind of burnt out with it, so I’ve mainly been doing fanart instead.  It’s been a really great source of inspiration, and has also motivated me to work on skills that I wouldn’t have if I was just drawing portraits of my own characters.

For bands, I love Owl City, Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel, and Plain White T’s. My favourite musicals? Newsies, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Greatest Showman.

I used to really like Owl City but I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve listened to his music!  It’s so creative, though, and it has such a nice sound.  I’ve heard great things about a bunch of those musicals, but I’ve never actually seen any of them.  I want to start watching musicals someday, though.  Do you have any recommendations?  I know I need to watch the The Greatest Showman someday, and a lot of the other ones you mentioned are classics, right?

What is Haikyuu? I feel like I’ve heard it mentioned before?

Oh dear I apologize in advance…

Haikyuu is like the best series I’ve ever watched/read!  It’s a slice of life manga/anime about a high school volleyball team that wants to make it to nationals.  It sounds so simple and kinda boring, but it honestly blew my mind.  Like, it has hands down the best supporting cast I’ve ever seen in any media, it has the best character development I’ve ever seen any any media…It actually knocked LotR off of my “#1” spot just in the past three months it’s been since I started watching it!  And this is coming from someone who isn’t really interested in slice of life fiction and who hates watching sports.

And when I mean it has a good supporting cast I mean it has a good huge supporting cast – pretty much all of the opposing teams get character development and become supporting characters in their own right (which is terrible because then you have to watch them lose lol).  I highly recommend it, but it does have some swearing and a few questionable scenes.  Also, the fandom is terrible and gross, which is too bad because the show is pretty clean 🙁



*laughs as one fey*

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