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Noah Cochran


I love “movie songs”! I’ll recite every line from any Greatest Showman song if you want me to.

Yes! Another lover of those fantastic songs! What are your top three favorites?

If your neighbours hate you, that’s on them. Singers must belt in the fields.

I appear to have met a like-minded thinker. 🙂

You … you hit a heartstring right there … *is speechless with respect*

*bows gracefully*

I never miss.

I love Owl City, Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel

Have you heard Bridge Over Troubled Water by S&G?


I have no idea how you know every musical anyone mentions but it’s downright impressive at this point.

Why thank you. 😄

Truth is though, I haven’t watch like any of these (though I have seen Fiddler on the Roof, me and my mom watched that a while back, no one else was interested except us xD), I just love the songs.

Oh, and Scarborough Fair is easily in my top 5 folk songs. Such an amazing song to listen to while writing. In other words, Laura and Rose, both of y’all’s taste in music has my approval. 😉

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