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Laura K. Abeid

You’re popular 🙂

Wow, that term has never been applied to me before. 😅

Also, your poem is so beautiful!! I absolutely love it! <3

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. 😊

Yes, absolutely! I can actually tolerate rap occasionally XD For a while I listened to a LOT of TobyMac and he often uses it for bridges and it just works somehow. I don’t think I could listen to a full rap song though XD

I respect that — people have different tastes.
Though I don’t generally like rap, there’s a few songs by Will Smith that I’ll tolerate. (:

Oh, goodness, thank you! I have no idea what I did to deserve that but that’s incredibly sweet of you to say! XD

You don’t deserve to be called amazing — it’s something that comes with you when you enter this world. Everyone is inherently amazing, even if the things they do aren’t so great. 🙂

I love nothing more than sassy, insulting characters! My MC is the most sarcastic brat imaginable and I love her with my heart and soul even though she lives to ruin my plot and laugh at the idea that I have any kind of control over her.

Ohhohoho, yes, the incorrigibly clever, rude, and sassy brats are some of my favourites. Rúan’s the kind of character that — when hugged by his adoring Mama Authoress — would either just take it with an unamused face and stink eye, or probably scowl and squirm. 🥰

*insert image of Tangled‘s Rapunzel fawning over her unamused pet chameleon*

Cool! I rode at stables for a really long time! My pony is a retired school pony, she’s a bombproof sweetheart. (However, she’s ancient and she’s completely retired. I also outgrew her, so she deserves a happy old age 🙂 )

Ponies are the darndest little things — ask my sister who rides one. 😆

That’s awesome!! I love Owl City too!! I only know one or two songs of the others XD I LOVE Scarborough fair, it suits one of my characters perfectly and I’ve listened to it a million times and learned to play it eventually XD

Ooooo another Owl City fan! What is your favourite song by him?
And I love Scarborough Fair!! It’s so … beautifully haunting. Like a Scottish lullaby.

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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