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Grace Benham


Here’s the answers.  You got pretty close on some of them!

Name: Aubrey Reymont (hey, it starts with an A at least)

Age: the characters age across the books so I guess this picture is around 16-17

Career/Role in Story: Major character.  Not the MC but gets a lot of “screen time”.

Personality: you were right about the extroverted and feisty parts heheh.  She also very adventurous (pretty much a thrill-seeker)

Other details: she definitely does have pride.  She’s pretty outdoorsy, but mostly for the hiking and rock climbing part of it.

Nickname: doesn’t have one, but good idea there

Greatest Strength: leadership abilities and confidence/adventurousness, so you got close!

Fatal Flaw: you were right that the strength and weakness are kind of the same.  She can be a little too bossy or snarky and maybe a little too rash.

Phrase likely to say: yeah that does actually sound like something she’d say, especially if making a wrong turn is somewhat disastrous😂

Favorite color: correct!

Family status: well, she DID have a loving father before he DIED.😢 And she’s an only child.  But she’s really close with her mom.

Single or taken: sort of…taken? I mean, she’s not interested in anyone else but she’s in denial about the one she actually does like

Children: yeah, no kids

Hobbies: hiking, skydiving, rock climbing, martial arts, basketball

Fear: actually, losing is pretty close. Her greatest fear is losing people she loves, so she tries not to get too close to people to avoid getting hurt

Dreams: to have friends who accept her; to feel like part of a family again.

Secret: doesn’t have one (yet)

Peculiarities: looks angry when she’s thinking; becomes a night owl when she’s upset or anxious

This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take: to be seen as we truly are.

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