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My favorite dreams are the ones you can control. They’re also my least favorite because they seem to be the most bizarre which makes it impossible to explain to people.


Fries and sarcasm live in a world of equality ok?

ok that’s fair 😉

Even though Noah and I are more attractive than guns, I totally agree anything can be attractive if you give ’em a gun. Almost anything. There’s some stuff that’s just no.

Like…what? 😇



You know what, if I was dead, everyone would die of boredom. It’s just a sad fact.

So because of that I’ll die after every other human being.

But that might look a little suspicious and I might get arrested.

But all the cops are all dead.

I’ll just have to arrest myself.

*nods with satisfaction*

Boom 👌

I don’t and you’ve never heard my voice, but I will fail I know.

You. Dare. Challenge. ME!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, you have an awesome voice and no one will stop me from screaming that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God made you, God made your voice, ergo to insult your own voice is to insult God who made it so!!!!!! SO.

🙄*searches for appropriate emoji* 😎




Sorry I didn’t mean to embarass you but IT WAS SO PRETTY!!!

Like…your voice? *cue puppy eyes* ehh well it was worth a try XD.

Bacteria wouldn’t dare break the international agreement of five seconds.

Exactly! Or I’d murder it. 😊

*Rummages through the conversation and screenshots it.* Legal evidence   (Or blackmail? Which is it?)

Who do I need to bribe/blackmail in return? *ahem* who’s the judge of this “legal evidence” 😉

OOH, THAT’S A COOL BOOK PLOT!!! XD (jk, kinda) Oh, that actually explains a lot… How are you dealing with my brain, I never meant to inflict that on you XD Nobody else was supposed to deal with that…

*Total freedom to be stupid* Thanks!

*Squints suspiciously* This sounds extremely familiar.

LOL, I forgot another frequent dream incident is that I dream I’m one of my characters. Or just another character that I don’t know. I just know I’m not myself, it’s very weird XD

This has happened with Liorah but mostly with Aydin. I’ve had dreams from his POV several times which is weird since I don’t even relate to him that much? I guess I just think about him a lot.

I actually had another Aydin dream last night. It’s usually some kind of weird AU thing but sometimes it’s just a detailed retelling of a scene I’d been plotting. And I instantly forget it upon waking up.

OH YES!!!! I keep dreaming I’m Alessio!!


Yes! My dream house contains a large library with a fire place and plush chairs.


Yes, yes. Don’t worry, not all Americans are hyperactive demon bantams.

Yes yes. Not all Americans are hyperactive demon bantoms… 😈

I have a hard time believing that.

Well gee thanks Camirvablahblah!!!

*trashes the fake tears strategy, takes a moment of thought, picks a new strategy, and flashes you the single most charming smile you’ve ever seen*

I’ll take that as a compliment in disguise.

*Ok what am I even supposed to do with that 🤦‍♀️*



🥱 *unimpressed* 🥱

Only if Rose does, i.e, I’ll pass.

Aw come on! Do it so I can hear Erynne’s voice, don’t ya wanna hear Erynne’s voice?!?

Second line to the bottom on the base clef.

If you can sing as low as a dwarf, you can see at least as low if not lower than me. Wild.


Oh. Not clowns. Predestination. *puts on a different communication style hat*

Whoa, whoA whoa!!! HOLD right there yo people!!! You betta just take that to The Forum coz I love everybody here and we ain’t doin’ that here, ok? Ok. Perfect.



My attractiveness still exceeds yours by a mile.



I’m working on not being a chicken XD

Just be a demon chicken bantam 😉

Okayyy, I’m jumping in here! XD

If God chose who would be saved and who wouldn’t beforehand, why try? If salvation is already decided, what’s the point of believing? You’re either saved or you aren’t. If you’re already saved, regardless of what you do, why follow His commandments? Are you allowed to sin?

As for Romans 9, Esau deliberately disobeyed God with no (documented) signs of repentance, while Jacob always turned back to Him. Imo, if Esau had chosen to obey and love God with his whole heart, that verse wouldn’t exist, and entirety of history would look different.

See, exactly!!! Wait–

*Is ignoring this entire conversation I ain’t even reading it unless it’s on The Forum coz I like everybody here and we ain’t starting that!!! *


On another note, Cathy finally explained what she meant, and, um, idk what to say to that XD

*Dude I told you to act like you figured it out yourself 🤦‍♀️* 😜

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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