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Laura K. Abeid


Hello Caldiris! It is so nice to be welcomed here like this. (:

Do you have any favorite characters from LotR (or any other of his works – lets not forget the Hobbit and the Silmarillion!)

I love Arwen, though she isn’t as prominent a figure in the books than in the movies. My second favourite would have to be Théoden, then Bilbo, then Pippin. (:
What about yours?

I primarily draw people as well!  Do you like drawing your own characters?  I primarily worked with physical media for a while, but I’m finally branching out into digital.  It’s really fun, but I’m still getting used to it lol.  You should try it out someday!  I use Medibang Pro because it’s free and pretty beginner friendly 🙂

I love drawing my own characters! In fact, most of their faceclaims are either Artbreeder or a drawing of mine.
I shall try Medibang Pro! It sounds very interesting.

Do you have any favorite bands or musicals?  I don’t really listen to that many proper “songs,” but I really like listening to soundtracks from movies and shows I like.  LotR has one of the best background (?) soundtracks I’ve ever heard, but if I’m looking to listen to something for pure fun Haikyuu and Into the Spiderverse are my go to 🙂

For bands, I love Owl City, Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel, and Plain White T’s.
My favourite musicals? Newsies, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Greatest Showman.

What is Haikyuu? I feel like I’ve heard it mentioned before?

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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