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Noah Cochran


Well … that was about the most awesome thing I’ve heard today. Thank you.

I’m a dystopian lover, especially when is sounds fresh and unique like yours. 🙂 My older sister is working on a book down a similar alley.

Will do! I’ll attach it at the bottom of this post.

I see it in your next comment. 🙂

I meant what I said earlier in the gentlest way, so I apologize if it came off as self-defensive or rude.

No, no, you’re fine, I was just explaining my rather abrupt comment. 🙂

It is! If you haven’t, you should read the rest of the series — it’s awesome!

I’ve read all but the fifth, and they’re all pretty good, but the first one is unbeatable.

My favourite genres … hmm … I’ll appreciate any genre so long as the content is clean and the music is good quality. Though I generally dislike the rap genre, certain songs I found are appealing to listen to.
My favourite genres, though, would probably be Alternative or Electronic, though I am starting to love Broadway and musicals.
How about you?

Two things I need to say before anything else: First, I really appreciate you mentioning that you want the content to be clean. 🙂 Secondly: I. Hate. Rap. (I think my dislike of it my be slightly above yours xD)

I like some old country, some clean pop songs, a lot of folk songs, but honestly, my favorite category is what I call “movie songs.” Lotr songs, some disney song, and since you mentioned musicals ,The Greatest Showman Songs are fantastic.

Now you’re the second male I’ve met who likes to sing. *respect increases*
I love singing pretty much any song in my range, which includes one of my favourites, “I Dreamed a Dream,” from Les Misérables. I also like singing/belting any song from Newsies.

Singing is glorious, I have a tendency to go outside into our fields and belt songs. My neighbors probably hate me. xD

My sisters and mom watched Les Miserable, and then proceeded to sing “Do You Hear the People Sing” so many times that I got it stuck in my head and nearly went mad. xD

I didn’t recognize Newsies at first, but then I remembered that time I Seized the Day and became the King of New York.

I pronounce it like “Kelt” and “Keltic,” not like the hockey team. (;

My brain switches between the two ever since some person told me that it can be pronounced both ways. xD I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Keltic though.


Hello sir, it’s me again. I just want to say I need to hear this poem by 10 year old you. I believe I wasn’t hit by that car the other night for a reason, and I just discovered that the reason is this poem. Thank you for saving my life now lemme read this poem XD

That must be it. You’re purpose in life is now to be astounded by my Dr. Seuss poetry.



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