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 Pure gold.

I read it somewhere and I haven’t been able to un-hear it, so I must curse you with it as well.

Yeah, if I did that with Hugon, I would not have any friends. xD

Very valid point. Don’t do that.

Also, come on Rose, learn from your characters, instill within yourself an iron aplomb.

I’m working on not being a chicken XD

I nearly laughed out loud at that, which is extremely rare for me. Though I suppose it is rather inconsiderate of me considering that you have to live under that lunacy. But…sorry, I’m gonna laugh anyway. xD

If you think that’s funny, wait till you hear the full story. Sit back and watch the world burn as I tell you a little tale called “The Dutch child benefits scandal”

So, to shorten it considerably, a large part of the government (mainly the financial district, though many others were in on it) falsely accused a bunch of parents of fraud while trying to regulate the childcare benefits that people recieve from the government.

If they found any kind of blip in the tax accounts, they would accuse them of fraud and demand that they pay back the full amount of childcare benefits they had ever recieved, usually between 10k and 100k euros. These people were often already in a tight financial spot, and then they made them pay back the full amount at once.

This happened to more than 26000 families. Many of them were either immigrants or of dual nationality, who always get singled out to double-check their taxes and claims. More than 1100 children were put into foster care because their parents were in such financial difficulty. This went on for six years.

The Ministers and the Prime Minister knew about all of it, and they let it pass, which is criminal negligence at best and fraud at worst.

The cabinet was forced to resign because of it, but our PM has on multiple occasions said that he will continue in politics despite it and he shows absolutely no regret.

People are trying to sue or have them prosecuted, but they aren’t getting ahead. They’ve started to repay the families, but even in best case scenario not all of them will be repaid.

And the cherry on top is that our PM recieved another majority of votes in this year’s election. (And guess what, his second cabinet was also forced to resign over a claim of fraud.)

This just got more bizarre with every passing sentence.

Yes! My dream house contains a large library with a fire place and plush chairs.

Absolutely, no doubt about it.

You can’t just hide behind euphemisms.

I hide behind euphemisms like I hide behind the curtains in my nightmares. Very obviously.

Yes, yes. Don’t worry, not all Americans are hyperactive demon bantams.

*sigh of relief* jk XD

It depends what you mean. I believe God chose a people (His elect) and predestined them to be born again during their lives, and then to be glorified in heaven one day. The only people who enter heaven and our born again are the ones God chose, I do not believe that God saved everyone, nor do I believe that we have a choice in the matter (see Jacob have I love Esau have I hated verse in Romans 9)

Okayyy, I’m jumping in here! XD

If God chose who would be saved and who wouldn’t beforehand, why try? If salvation is already decided, what’s the point of believing? You’re either saved or you aren’t. If you’re already saved, regardless of what you do, why follow His commandments? Are you allowed to sin?

As for Romans 9, Esau deliberately disobeyed God with no (documented) signs of repentance, while Jacob always turned back to Him. Imo, if Esau had chosen to obey and love God with his whole heart, that verse wouldn’t exist, and entirety of history would look different.


If all were chosen what would be the point of imperfect life here on earth?

My step dad’s favorite thing to show to people who don’t believe in predestination is to lay on the ground and “die” then he says to save yourself. The person is then normally speechless because you can’t save yourself without God which is exactly what I believe. You can’t save yourself and it isn’t your choice.

With Jesus’ death, we were all granted the gift of salvation, but only some choose to accept it. No, you can’t save yourself without God, which is why Jesus died.

And life on earth remains imperfect because being chosen doesn’t make you infallible. People make mistakes and mistakes have consequences. People stray and stumble, and people choose not to accept His gift. That’s why life is imperfect.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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