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My attractiveness still exceeds yours by a mile.

Thank you, I accept you apology I just hope and pray you spent that in mourning for my almost death because you just care that much

fyi, if a clown tried to eat me, it wouldn’t take me but 10 seconds to pin that clown to the ground.

No I do not think all things are predestined I just believe that God knows all and that there is a reasoning behind everything that happens. No I don’t believe that everyone is saved or chosen, definitely not. If God chose you as His child, that’s that and if He didn’t you won’t be. There’s no controlling His will. In the end His will will be done. This is proven time and time again throughout the Bible especially when doubt or temptation enters the picture. If all were chosen what would be the point of imperfect life here on earth?

My step dad’s favorite thing to show to people who don’t believe in predestination is to lay on the ground and “die” then he says to save yourself. The person is then normally speechless because you can’t save yourself without God which is exactly what I believe. You can’t save yourself and it isn’t your choice.

Do you follow?

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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