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Noah Cochran


South-Africans either sound like me or they sound like a German trying to speak English with an Australian accent.

😂 Pure gold.

How would Liorah handle this?

Yeah, if I did that with Hugon, I would not have any friends. xD

Also, come on Rose, learn from your characters, instill within yourself an iron aplomb. 🙂

Even better when you know they were fired for tax fraud.

I nearly laughed out loud at that, which is extremely rare for me. Though I suppose it is rather inconsiderate of me considering that you have to live under that lunacy. But…sorry, I’m gonna laugh anyway. xD

NoOOooOO!!! NeVEr!!

Uh huh, sure. 😏

Also, I forgot about a room with nothing but books.

Yes! My dream house contains a large library with a fire place and plush chairs.

Not creepy, ✨eccentric✨

You can’t just hide behind euphemisms. 😉

Like… just on the hospitality aspect, right? Right??!!

Yes, yes. Don’t worry, not all Americans are hyperactive demon bantams.


Yeah I’m pretty shy irl too.

I have a hard time believing that.

*smugly* wimp. XDDD

*trashes the fake tears strategy, takes a moment of thought, picks a new strategy, and flashes you the single most charming smile you’ve ever seen*

I’ll take that as a compliment in disguise.

Ifff you send a sample of your singing voice 😉

Only if Rose does, i.e, I’ll pass. 🙂

Idk exactly how low B2 is but I can sing as low as the dwarfs in the Hobbit live-action when I want to…?

Second line to the bottom on the base clef.

If you can sing as low as a dwarf, you can see at least as low if not lower than me. Wild.

Probably. Unless I need to blackmail you eventually…

Well this is just great. 😒


Noah and I are more attractive than guns

That’s the spirit. Just keep it right at that.

*waits patiently with wet smile of impatience for your apology*

My deepest apologies, I was in grievous error.


A clown from a parade almost ate you?

No for real tho. Me mum explained to me what you meant by all things being predestined. I dunno what your thinking is but here is mine: I obviously believe God knows all past, all future, and absolutely everything in between, however I do not believe all things are predestined. I believe that His people were chosen and that all are welcome it’s just your choice to enter (which I think you do too) but I don’t think all things are predestined. I’m not sure what you believe on the subject but I’m excited to at least be able to answer your question and to only seem like half- ok, maybe three quarters of an idiot.

Oh. Not clowns. Predestination. *puts on a different communication style hat*

So it appears you do not believe in absolute predestination of all things, if so, I firmly agree with you. I believe (and it seem you do too?) that God only predestinated one thing, that being his elect to heaven.

I believe that His people were chosen and that all are welcome it’s just your choice to enter (which I think you do too)

It depends what you mean. I believe God chose a people (His elect) and predestined them to be born again during their lives, and then to be glorified in heaven one day. The only people who enter heaven and our born again are the ones God chose, I do not believe that God saved everyone, nor do I believe that we have a choice in the matter (see Jacob have I love Esau have I hated verse in Romans 9). Thoughts? I could supply loads of verse to support this, but that would start a giant and chaotic discussion. *glances surreptitiously at Cathy*

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